5 Best Movies Based on Video Games You Need To See

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Sometimes video games become so popular that the only obvious chioce to make besides a sequel game is to make a film based on the game.  Whether that is a good idea or bad idea remains to be seen.  Most video games turned into movies have high ticket sales but extremely aweful reviews by critics and fans alike.

So we compiled a short list of the 5 best movies based on video games, according to the fans.  We decided not to worry about the critics because most of them were given poor reviews by critics who just never really got a grasp of the material.

So, According to fans/viewers, here are the 5 best video game movies ever 

4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time


Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dastan, the adopted son of the Persian king, who happens upon a knife that allows him to control time… Yeah, we get it.  They had to find a way to make the films story be something similar to the game. Although this daggar is a cool way to implement the fact that Dastan can rewind time backwards, it’s not the only good part of this film.  Their is lots of parkour based action sequences and fight seens.  On top of that, Jake G didn’t do too bad playing the part. For his trouble, the fans reviewed Prince of Persia as a 58% positive. Nice…


What’s Your Favorite Video Game Movie

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