ABC Song: The Letter D, “Dee Doodley Do” by StoryBots

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The StoryBots celebrate how crazy the letter “D” is, and sing about doctors, donuts, and dictionaries!

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My diode has detected the letter D
Deploy data

D D D D D Dee Doodley doo
Dee Doodily doo
D D D D D Dee Doodley doo
Dee Doodily doo
D D D D D Dee Doodley doo

Dentists and doctors and deliverymen
They all begin with D
D is dependable and D is indispensable
Just delve into your dictionary

Do you dare to draw a donkey driving a dump truck
Donuts are delightful
I do not disagree

D D D D D D D D D D D D D Dee doodley doo


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Music by Parry Gripp
Animation by StoryBots

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