Why You Shouldn’t Buy NBA 2k18 the Legend Edition Gold

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The NBA 2K18 pre-order train has started to leave the station. But with all of the hype on YouTube and tv commercials getting pushed on the game most people get lost in the sauce without having a good plan of attack with the pre-order game.

Pre-orders fuel the gaming industry and one of the biggest things video game companies do to get the pre-orders rolling in is give away huge amounts of content to the loyal customers who do take part in the pre-order feast.

I’m the type that believes in the pre-order game and I typically do use pre-orders to get a better deal on the game and also to take advantage of the early access you can usually get for pre-ordering your video games. With that said, I like to be sure that I am getting the most bang for my buck.

NBA 2k18 is unfortunately one of those games that pretty much never seems worth it in my opinion to pre-order any of the ‘deluxe’ packages… Sure, I always get the pre-order the standard edition but past that you are wasting money.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you…

NBA 2k18 The Legend Edition Gold Pre-Order package

NBA 2k18 The Legend Edition Gold costs roughly $150 and you get the game, 250k vc, Shaq gear for your my player, 40 MyTeam packs which are delivered one a week with a guaranteed Shaq card

The Shaq gear includes

– Shaq Attaq shoes
– Rookie Shaq jersey
– Shaq official Logo Shirt
– Shaq Championship ring
– Mitchell & Ness Shaq jersey collection – 5 total jerseys
– Additional MyPlayer apparel items

NBA 2k18 Legend Edition Package

NBA 2k18 Legend Edition is around $100 and you get

– 100,000 vc
– 20 MyTeam packs and
– all of the Shaq gear except for the Mitchell & Ness collection

NBA 2k18 Standard Edition Package

For the NBA 2k18 Standard Edition you get a theme, 4 days early access and *bonus in-game content

The bonus in-game content is probably just a tooled down version of the Shaq gear.

How to Save Money and Get a Better Deal with NBA 2k18

Now, assuming that the prices of VC stay about the same as last year you can buy 200,000 vc for $50 and you can get 450,000 for $100. Basically if you don’t buy the standard edition instead of the legend edition gold and then buy 450,000 vc after the game is launched you end up getting 200,000 extra vc.

What about the Shaq gear for MyPlayer?

Honestly, I’m not sure many people will care much about the myPlayer gear. Typically, people don’t rock the gear given with the pre-order specials. Why? probably because so many people already have the gear in the first place.

If you pre-order the game you are already going to get some of the Shaq gear anyways which means that for the first few weeks my park is going to be flooded with two things:

  1. Brown Shirts
  2. Pre-Order Shaq gear

If you buy the VC pack after the game launches you will have plenty of VC left to buy all of the gear you want…

Plus, we already know that 2K18 is gonna be the first year you have to use VC for hair styles so for all of those people who want green hair, green shoes and dreads like last year think about how many different ways you can make your MyPlayer look lame…

Seriously though, if you decide pre-order the limited gold edition you are basically throwing away an opportunity to get 200k VC basically free. Ok, not really free but for pretty much the same price as the limited gold edition.

Wanna see how you can get that 450,000 VC for free?

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