Is NBA 2k18 MyGM: The Next Chapter Better Than MyCareer?

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NBA 2k18 MyGM: The Next Chapter has a new story mode is very different from last years version of MyGm.  The story begins with your MyCareer Character, which in my case was Turner Frase, on the training table holding his knee.  After getting a bad report from the doctor we find ourselves a job working as the GM of an NBA Franchise.
This year feels like a game mode that puts much more effort into the way that the story mode actions you take feel and how the consequences of those actions will ultimately make or break your GM career.
For most people who hate the cut scenes from MyCareer, this game mode will probably feel way to slow for them but if you like the risk/reward drama that you get from having to chose what to do or say in the moment with a whole NBA Franchises reputation on the like then this game mode will be the ultimate mode for you.
Check out the NBA 2k18 MyGM: The Next Chapter Gameplay from my recent livestream

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