Top 5 Streamers SWATTED Live On TWITCH TV! (Gamers Swatted On Livestream)

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Top 5 Streamers Swatted Live On Twitch TV! Gamers, Twitch streamers and youtubers who got swatted on live stream! Which one was the most insane?
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Top 5 DELETED YouTube Videos YOU CAN’T WATCH ANYMORE! (Banned Videos, PewDiePie, TmarTn, iDubbbzTV):

5. [CS:GO] coL.n0thing swatted (STREAM HIGHLIGHTS)
4. calebhart42 – Police Come to Caleb’s House
3. Being swatted on my Live stream (UK police) | Gross Gore
2. Ice Poseidon Gets SWATTED LIVE
1. “KOOTRA SWATTED FULL VIDEO” “Member of Creatures

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